Mission Trip

We are going on a mission to… Christchurch!  You are welcome to join in.

From Monday the 7th of Jan 2019 till Friday the 18th of Jan 2019 (2 weeks) we will be focused on outreach to Christchurch with the Gospel of Jesus.  We intend to be active in evangelism for 6 hours a day, Mon – Fri over this period; with up to an additional 2 hours a day spent in prayer, training, planning and fellowship.

If you would be interested in joining in, please let us know!  You can do so via the form below.  You are welcome for as many or as few days as you can commit to.  No experience required.  We will respond with further details.

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To be involved, we require you to be: a part of, and in good standing with, a local church. If we don't know you, we'll do a reference check. Please provide the name and contact details of a pastor-elder in your local church *